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in a dark night , the light of the stars were shining the corners of my room , i was sitting infront of the windows , the biggest windows in my room that was taking huge place , it was so high , i was gazing at the moon and asking him for peace the huge castle , the name that i have , the trees and the songs of the birds every morning in the biggest garden in london , was not enough for me to feel peace as resalt as the satuation that i saw in my life when i was 9 , my mother dead with my father  in the war and i was ear of death until the god saved me while i was closing my eyes , i was travilling between the seven skys after the death of my family there were people looking for me to kill me , there were in every where , it was impossible to far away from them , but the god was gazing at me so he gave me this different life that impossible to happen with anybody i was running fast to far away then i became so tired and i was unable to stand up , i sat in invisible corner i started crying without voice , i closed my eyes anf i said while my head was above " God show me the road " i heard a voice coming from my heart saying " my girl  michel the god always with you , just follow the lights ." , he was my father !
I opened my eyes slowly, and a white light was surrounded by small golden light  in front of me, and they were floating in the air, and they were  more than one was as if they were guiding me to a certain place! I began to follow this light one by one until it reached closed road  and in front of the wall there was a small halo floating in the air Now the aura has become bigger, something to surround the whole wall, and a door of gold is made of its handle, which is encrusted with one stone, very pure and the other with impurities. She opened the door and walked in quickly and closed the door I opened my eyes and I saw a very large jungle forest and I was standing at the edge of the beach and the lights in front of my eyes were a very amazing sight. I could not believe what was happening and I did nothing but follow the lights. Step by step deep into the forest! Now the lights disappeared and I stood in my place and lifted my head. I saw a large castle in front of me and a lot of towers around flowering plants. Around the castle, the river Sfeir is filled with beautiful lily plants
The door of the castle was very large and suddenly the doors opened in front of me and I entered the castle and there was a big house at the top of a tree and a staircase runs from the house to climb the tree to get home. I went up the stairs and went up and the house had no door and I came in and said loudly, "Is there anyone?"
After a minute and thirty seconds of silence, I felt that someone was dragging my dress and I jumped out of my place and turned to a little dwarf Amay saying to me with a soft voice, "Who are you?" He looked at me and then turned and said, "We dwarf the castle. You must be one of the people saved by God." I did not understand what he said to me so I held my eyebrows and stood in my place and then took my hand and asked me to sit near a very high window, his face looked serious and he says to me, "What are you looking for?" I quickly replied, "What do you mean?"
"Look out the window. Can you see any people?" He said. "It's completely free, you live alone here!" I said. "The castle is crowded, but you are looking for something, so you can not see them, because someone who is looking for something drops everything in his eye," he said.
Then he said to me, "Why did you come here?" "I have not come here, God has guided me. The light is the one who brought me here when death is coming after me and the war is everywhere."
He appeared to walk slowly in front of me a few steps and then suddenly stop in front of me and said to me deeply, "So you are looking for peace," I answered him and I was watching the flowers that fill the castle "exactly"
Now he is coming closer to me and holding my hand and saying "Inside this castle you will find everything but you will not grow up or relax before you find what you want, I will make you find peace and then you will return to my life"
Then he turned to the ladder and said to me, "Follow me," came down from the ladder and after I came down from the ladder
بدا يتمشى معي وقال لي " انا اعرف شخص انتصر واخر خسر " ثم التفت نحوه وبا يقص لي الحكاية " احدهم كان يقاتل لاجل بلده والاخر فعل الشيء نفسه الاول قتل الثاني فانتصر عليه لاجل بلده والثاني انتصر على الثاني فاستشهد لاجل بلده " ثم قطف وردة بيضاء وقال لي " انه النقاء كلاهما نجحا في تحقيقي الانتصار لبلده وهل تعلمين ما الذي يعنيه هذا ؟" , لم اعلم فعقدت حاجبي وقلت له بتسائل " ماذا!" فاجابني وهو يبتسم "ان الحرب عبارة عن نجاح ولا يوجد فيها اي خاسر انهم يتصارعون فيما بينهم ولكن في النهاية الكل سيفوز الذي مات والذي عاش ." ثم اعطاني الوردة
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