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Woruod new world
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Sir, sir, we found a baby on the street. What are we doing now? We are in the hospital. The captain is talking. What is he? He died, or did he have the hope of living, the police officer? No, sir, he is fine now.
There are many positions like thatSuch a situation is before us, but what do we say about whether humans have the ability to leave a baby in the street? Is this peace in our hearts? Does this humanity have mercy in its hearts or have peace in its midst? I do not think we are always working to reduce their numbers or extinction because they do not deserve to leave them.
Why do we leave them to do what they want? Then we do not have peace.
The police officer, we are waiting for you. After the captain arrived at the hospital, he saw the child on his scratching head and on his legs. Then he went to the doctor to tell her about the child. The doctor told him that he was in good condition, but I also told him
And be good consideration
Captain "Thank you" Dr. "No thanks on duty" taken by the captain to a good nanny and pay for the costs where she took care of the nanny good care to notice the attention of the nanny called Nida that the existence of a card in the baby clothes where the name of the child where he was named George and his birth in RussiaFive years later George came to the first stage of his study Nanny Neda George George It is time to leave George to meet Neda The prince decided to go George to the orphanage. Then he told the nanny Nida about George and said to her, "We do not know his identity. Orphans "Nida said to him," Are you sure? "He said," Yes, that's the place for him "
Nida asked the captain to keep George with her two days the captain agreed to the request of the nanny Nida felt Neda Neda bored after the captain told her, considered her son George is not easy to disagree with the nanny Nida
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I love it
Its so prof and the detials so exciting
Good luck
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